Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why is Embassy Suites so appealing?

Embassy suites is a hotel chain started in 1983. Started by the Hilton Group, entrepreneurs sought after an ideal hotel for the traveling business man or family. They collected a pool of what they thought makes a hotel comfortable and luxurious and settles of more than one room per room, high quality breakfast that is ready to eat when you arrive at the restaurant, a reasonable price, a resort-ish nature walk feel, and finally a brand name that costumers can rely on. They then had a brilliant idea to have every room in the hotel be a luxury suite. Lobbies are usually full of trees and a pond or river with a bridge over it to effect the resort feel, and complimentary high-quality breakfasts are typically offered. What is the upside to this strategy? The hotel chain is a comfortable and greater choice over the conventional, one-room hotel on the side of the highway. Businessmen who stay out of town for a large period of time have enough space to be comfortable and by getting these long term costumers, Embassy Suites pulls in more money by filling up more rooms for more nights.

-Stephen R

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