Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ticket prices rising for LSU-Alabama game

No.1 Lsu or No. Alabama? The price to see this game is growing exponentially! I feel that since this game is probably the biggest game that’ll be on nation television the demand to access it will be through the roofs. It shows here that the average ticket prior to the season is $402. Yet if they want it now they’d have to pay $508, which is about a 28% increase in price. Glenn Lehrman of StubHub stated that his highest-priced ticket Thursday morning was selling for about $5,000. Looks like a little excess demand may come in to play if Mr. Glenn keeps selling these tickets at these prices. But I also believe that the tickets can be symbolized as an inferior good. It can be shown as a “status indicator” big tickets for big bucks and high class fancy tux.


Alex W said...

So the ticket price is raising higher because of the hype of the game. What about the tickets for the rest of the season for LSU and Alabama? LSU still has to go face Arkansas and Alabama still plays Auburn, how will those ticket prices look after the outcome of this game which might decide an SEC champion?

shelley23 said...

Thats a very good question cheese. One in which ive asked myself. Yet i do feel that the tickets wont as expensive because of the ranking of these two teams. Notice that Lsu was ranked No.1 and Bama No.2 i think this is why the tickets wereso high in price. And i also feel that this particular game was the biggest game in the century. Other the parish versus fwc of course