Sunday, November 6, 2011

LSU kicks winning field goal in OT for defensive-minded win over Alabama

LSU takes it home!!! After a long fought game battled between two best teams in the nation No.1 Lsu and No.2 Alabama, Lsu wins with a kicked field goal with 1 second on the game clock. Not only was it a defensive game but a dogfight to see who wanted it more. Neither team scored a touchdown throughout the entire game. The score was 9-6, and this win by Lsu now moves into the driver’s seat to play in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game. I guess those expensive tickets were worth it after all. Although both teams only have two pretty good SEC teams to play I still don’t think its safe to say that Lsu is the best team in the SEC. But I do think the SEC is the strongest conference in college football and Lsu is ranked No.1, I still feel that on any given day Lsu can be defeated if they don’t stay focused and remember why they’re ranked No.1.

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