Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jawbone wants you to get UP and move

Jawbone is coming out with some new technology called the UP. The UP lets users track their daily routines: how much and how fast they walk, calories burned, how many hours slept -- and even the quality of that sleep. Plug the hidden headphone jack into an iPhone's audio jack-in between charges and all that data is synced with an app that analyzes and displays it in brightly colored graphs. The UP is a very new market and no other firm has come up with this kind of technology. If the Jawbone product is very successful many other companies will try to compete with this new product because they will think that they also will be successful with the product. Also in the article it says that Jawbone is testing an untested market, it is in the category of the health products. By being the first in this kind of device there will be no competition, so Jawbone will make a maximum profit until another firm comes out with a similar product.

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