Monday, November 7, 2011

Did Someone Call Security?

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently added on a new addition to the border with Texas and Mexico. The cameras are motion triggered and cover the 1,254 mile border. In hopes of gaining better security, the cameras are in full action as they take a series of still photographs. Although the cameras will be extra money, the DPS thinks in the long term, it will be saving money and time trying to keep illegal immigrants out of Texas and the U.S. The article also stated that the cameras had already began to help and with more funding, they can get more cameras to protect and keep the border safe. The cameras along the border would allow Texas and the DPS to benefit greatly. With the cameras, the Border Control's job would be much easier and allow them to keep and eye on the border at all times. In my opinion, adding this extra addition to the border will allow them to keep the best watch along the border. 


CooperT said...

Hopefully other states will follow suit and push for these cameras as well. This will save a lot of divisions money including immigration and border patrol. Even though we will have to spend money on these cameras in the end they will save the government when it comes to law enforcement. Even fewer border patrol guards will be needed in the future as technology starts taking care of some of the work. Eventually more technology will rise preventing more and more illegal immigration.

Alex S. said...

These cameras are great, but they will not let the border patrol guards relax on the job. In fact it will create more jobs for people to watch these cameras and to inform local police of any sitings along the border. Hopefully this will decrease the number of illegal aliens. Or will it cause our couuntry's birth rate to drop?