Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cab Of The Future Previewed

Supposedly, by 2014, New York City citizens will begin to see the new generation of taxicabs on the street.  A recent preview of the car, set up in Madison Square Garden, showed off some of the features.  The new cab will have more space for passengers, a USB port, and ant-bacterial seats.  What the NYC cab makers are doing is giving incentives for people to not only begin to use cabs more often, but also to use the new models.  When the new cab is released, an immediate increase in demand for new taxis can be predicted.  This rise in demand for the new cabs will also cause a decrease in the demand for the old models of cabs.  The already dirty and cramped cars will lose even more appeal when the alternative is a sleek, new cab.  The new cabs, if everything goes well, will most likely be extremely successful, given their numerous incentives.

Paxton S

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