Monday, October 31, 2011

Tesla's Demand Is Out the Door

The 2012 model of a Tesla luxury sports car is not even on the market yet and the waiting list is out the door and down the street. Needless to say it is “SOLD OUT”. Here is where the law of supply and demand is put to test: there are currently 6,500 people who have their names down for reservations and only 5,000 cars that are to be built in the next year. Right now the excess demand is a pressing issue for Tesla, however CEO Elon Musk says they expect to eventually increase their supply of these sweet rides to around 20,000 sold yearly, depending on how its demand fluctuates. The prices of these high-tech electric vehicles will depend on the miles per charge; the farther it can travel with one charge the more desirable it will be and the higher the price tag it will have. The base price of $57,400 ranks $30,000 below many of the top line sport cars on the market. Only time will tell whether this fancy speedster will be able to keep up demand and continue to attract customers.

Lauren S.


Stephen Renard said...

Tesla just discontinued the Roadster because it was too expensive prices at $100,000. The car you're talking about is the model S.

Lauren S said...

Yes, it is the model S.