Thursday, October 20, 2011


How do we know when we have had enough sleep? Research in the past has showed that people could function off 5 or so hours of sleep. Now researches suggest otherwise. Those who had eight hours of sleep hardly had any attention lapses and no cognitive declines over the 14 days of the study.
The four-hour subjects performed far worse, the six-hour group also consistently fell off-task. By the sixth day, 25 percent of the six-hour group was falling asleep at the computer. And at the end of the study, they were lapsing fives times as much as they did the first day. So clearly living off 4-6 hours of sleep is not going to do good things for you. A lot of things help us stay more awake such as coffee, people around us, lights, healthy food and many more. “You don’t see it the first day. But you do in five to seven days. Unless you’re doing work that doesn’t require much thought, you are trading time awake at the expense of performance.” -Van Dongen
-Megan Reynolds

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mrkennedy said...

Interesting u bring up sleep and perfomance... do you think sleep is needed in today's society to perform to your best? (btw I'm tired its 1 am)