Sunday, October 23, 2011

Proving Writers Wrong

Apple’s strategic plan was a brilliant one. Everyone thought that the new iPhone, the iPhone 4gs, was going to be a big bust. The improvements made on the phone were not monumental warranting already iPhone owners to buy the new one, but the article writers didn’t take into account that the iPhone was going to be brought to brand new markets. The iPhone was going to be sold in different countries than it ever had and new networks including Sprint were going to offer the phone. The market for the phone was increasing instead of decreasing. When the new iPhone models came out when the only networks selling it was AT&T and Verizon the demand was not as high even though the supply was the same. The demand was not as high because many people already had an iPhone when the new model came out and could not justify the cost of the new phone. So when Apple allowed new networks and countries to sell the phone it was increasing its market, which will usually increase the demand for the product. With this iPhone the record sales in three days have broken the sales records from the release of the iPhone 4 almost doubling the mark it had set previously. Overall with the market getting bigger and having new iPhone customers it would stand to reason that this would be the biggest release of the iPhone yet.

Blair S.

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Alex S. said...

This increased market of the iPhone 4gs is huge not only to Apple, but also to the people of the world. Once again every human on the planet has just become a little bit more linked together with this increase in market around the world. Like the printing press began the great wide spread of knowledge the iPhone 4gs in the same way is continuing this trend of getting more information and knowledge to a greater percentage of the world. To Apple, yes this is good economically as it will increase their consumers and income, but also to the human race it makes us that much more intelligent.