Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Facebook for a New Time

Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new look and features that are coming to Facebook. When Zuckerberg created Facebook, Profiles were simple and there was little information being shared. As changes were made, the website became more and more popular, reaching half a billion hits in one day last week. This popularity is proof that consumer sovereignty is a prominent part of social networking. When Facebook competes with other social networking sites, like Twitter, they aim to leave the users with a better and more useful product. Although people are often weary of new changes, Facebook has an incentive to continue to adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve. This time, Facebook has changed the Newsfeed, by marking relevant and interesting posts and by adding Ticker on the side, showing what friends are doing in real time. Additionally, Zuckerberg realized that important posts, pictures, or events quickly are pushed off of Profiles by newer posts. Facebook’s next step is Timeline, a place where the user can select what is important to them, and what others might be interested in, so that important posts are not neglected. This will allow people to catch up and connect in a convenient way. Although people are nervous about the changes made this week, they will no doubt increase the overall quality of the product and in time will change the user opinion. Facebook must constantly be advancing in order to keep its status as the preferred networking site and to not be overtaken, becoming an inferior site.

Morgan K.


Madison V said...

While I agree with the changes that Facebook is making to their site, they have to take into consideration all of the users. Many people that use their site daily dislike the changes that Zuckerberg has to put in effect, deterring them to other sites like Twitter. There is also a very big population of middle age people on the site now, and many of them don't appreciate having to learn a new type of technology every week. In the mean time, Facebook needs to add the right amount of tutorials and technical support to their site, avoiding frustration and diminishing use of their product.

Anonymous said...

Very true. I agree that with increase in average user age, customer sovereignty may sway Facebook to a simpler design, or one with more instruction. MorganK

Travis S said...

I think that Facebook should continue to make changes to their site because if they don't keep up with other social networking sites they will start to lose their users. I do agree with Madison when he says that Facebook needs to add some tutorials for the older members of Facebook to be able to continue to use the site. It is a proven fact that older people aren't as good with technology as the younger generations. This means that however long it takes the kids to learn it, the older members take much more time which over time will lessen their wants to be on the site and Facebook will start to lose users.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could start adding one change at a time, so that they do not seem like as much of an obstacle to many of the users.
Morgan K