Thursday, October 20, 2011

Junk food vs. Nutritious food

Children's eating habits its are very sparse all over the world.  Many families and feeding their children nutritious meals while others are letting junk food take over their main food courses.  However, many parents are unaware of the potential danger and outcomes from the poor meals and junk food that would most likely change their views and opinions.  In Britain new evidence has been discovered that feeding children innutritious food is in fact, lowering their IQ.  A test has been proven that over the childhood years from age 3-8, kids who eat healthy meals have an IQ up to 5 points higher on average than kids who do not eat healthy meals. Eating healthy does not only raise IQ's but much more such as keeping them healthy and. This raised IQ helps children in many ways like school, peer pressure and choosing the right friends. Parents need to weigh the costs and benefits of their children choosing between feeding their kids unhealthy food that taste good or healthy food not tasting as good but potentially raising their IQ.

-Lauren Bookout


mrkennedy said...

I don't think you should consider their IQ "raised" because they aren't doing something out of the ordinary to raise their IQ. The children who eat unhealthy food lower their IQ because they are doing something to harm their brains.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that eating junk food is unhealthy, I don't think that should be a cost or benefit for their IQ level. If the kid is unable to be provided a balanced and healthy meal, it shouldn't affect their level of knowledge. Even though parents should be providing their kids with a balanced and healthy meal that is good for them, I do not understand how eating junk food would affect their ablility to learn. Most kids I know eat healthy a majority of the time, but occasionally they have fast food or "junk food" when they don't have time. Would eating some junk food cost them to lower their IQ level then as well?


Lauren said...

Yes I did not think about it that way but that is copletly true. Your comment is what parents need to understand about how junk food has many bad outcomes, like the lowered IQ.

Cassidy Hansen said...

Lauren, I agree with the fact that parents need to weigh the cost and benefits of what kind of food their children are being fed. I was shocked to read that a child from 3-8 years old can raise their IQ level 5 whole points just by choosing to eat a healthier meal with a more balanced diet. I also find it interesting that by the ammount of junk food a child eats, it can lower their IQ. At the same time, I agree with emily. How can eating junk food REALLY effect the childs ablity to learn or the level of their IQ?