Thursday, October 27, 2011

Is it Worth the Cost?

The Staples Center, a Los Angeles event arena, has a great opportunity on their hands. They have the chance to suggest that Cisco and Verizon combine their technology and create much more efficient game day technology. Over the course of the year, 4 different professional teams play in the Staples Center. With the Clippers, Lakers and Kings all playing during the same season with games every other night, event staff at the stadium is always running. We all know that when you go to see your team play, you want to feel the sense of pride that you would get with any team specific stadium, with the team colors and merchandise displayed around the stadium. With the new technology that is being developed, much of the work done in between games will be eliminated. Changing themes around the stadium will be as simple as a click of a button, luxury suite owners will have more technology at their hands inside the box that they pay good money to sit in, and the concession stand boards will have dynamic pricing available to be displayed at any time. As demand rises, the executives at Staples Center are able to cut costs to make their customers happier. By using this new technology, much of the labor expenses and energy bills can be cut, helping the stadium save money. This will make the game day experience for fans very interactive. The only problem is getting Cisco and Verizon to agree to partner with each other. They both compete in the same industry and while a partnership could benefit in some ways, both companies will have to agree on what aspects of each company they would keep and which would have to be redone. While the partnership would benefit the fans, the companies have to be able to agree on how to successfully combine their business.


Anonymous said...

I think that Cisco and Verizon pairing up would be great for sports and the fans, but would benefit both companies as well. I think this because of the idea of the invisible hand of the marketplace in which customers ultimately decide what will be produced. By giving the customers what they want, the two companies will, in theory, experience economic growth and more profitable opportunities.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Morgan K

Madison V said...

I agree that it would be mutually beneficial for the companies to work together to create a product. It would also be good product placement for the companies because fans would be seeing their brand name every time they visited Staples Center.