Sunday, October 30, 2011


With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching fast FedEx is starting to hire more temporary drivers to meet the increased demand for shipping all the gifts and goods. Everyone will be shipping and receiving gifts which means FedEx needs more drivers. Due to FedEx hiring more temporary drivers for just the holidays it won’t make a big difference on the economy since its just a short time. If the holidays lasted longer increasing the hiring and supplying all the goods would boost the economy greatly. Some of the drivers are kept but most of the temporary drivers are released after the holidays which means they have to go find another job.
Colton U 


Upper School Government and Economics said...

Your reflection offers an example of seasonal hiring - think also about summer jobs for students - and reminds us why GDP data must be 'seasonally adjusted' in order to allow effective comparisons among different quarters of the year.

Thanks for your post... could you also link your source, article, please?

Stephen Renard said...

This is a great example of demand for a service rather than a good. FedEx has hired additional drivers, but did they buy additional trucks and planes for the excess of shipping?

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