Monday, October 31, 2011

Container Store Success

Yes many businesses are taking hard hits with the economic recession right now, however the Container Store is continuing to attract customers, especially women who make up 85% of their customers. As said by the CEO of Container Store, Kip Tindell, ‘People tend to nest during chaotic times’. This idea is exactly what the Container Store is promoting to its customers; even in tough financial times, people are still going to desire products to make them feel organized and on top of things in their own space. With 1,500 new items going to 48+ stores each year, the company has managed to maintain financial stability through much of the recession. A key approach taken by the Container Store is that the experience that the customer has in their store should be easy, genuine and memorable enough to return often. For example, Tindell’s theory of providing benefits and incentives through the shopping experience is reflected in the store’s wide aisles: allowing more space for children or carts, low shelves: for easy access, and helpful (not pestering) sales associates. All these factors along with the desirable products the customer came for in the first place all result in customer happiness.

Lauren S.

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