Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 + Years in the Hotel

10 + Years in the Hotel
79 year old Joy Bricker finally checked out of her longtime home in a hotel located in Falls Church, Virginia. Her husband Glenn died of cancer in 2001 and it put her right back into work and with that the hotel came right into play. With the cost of the hotel (roughly $1,500-$1,700 a month) being less than most apartments around town it was the perfect fit. Her room aided with daily cleaning and free Wi-Fi the added benefits aided in her online research and reading. If you think about it there are many added benefits to living in a hotel including free toothpaste, soap, conditioner, and a pool right outside your patio. Her daughter states, “"She turned them into family, and they accepted." Who knew a sweet elder lady could turn a normal hotel into a community. “"I call it community planning," she adds, "I turned it into a community." After Joy Bricker lives happily in a hotel for 10 years it makes one wonder if your next home may be located in room 235 in the Holiday Inn.

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Stephen Renard said...

This is interesting. It seems that paying per night would be much more expensive than living in a apartment but now seeing that she has free tv, wifi, and cleaning, it is very beneficial. I wonder how much she saved by staying in the hotel rather than an apartment.