Thursday, September 29, 2011

Money making

What a better way to start of the season to have two of the top ranked teams in the nation play in one of the largest football stadiums in the nation. LSU easily gobbled up the 38,000 tickets they were promised for their fans and Oregon did aswell the 15,000 they were promised. Doing so, LSU shattered their record for fans at an away game. Standing tickets for the game went for sale as early as July 8th. It is hard to think of a better way for making money with two such great teams and so much room to put their fans. The cost of the facility to play in was very expensive, but in return people have great interest in coming to your facility to watch teams play. With such a large alumni base from LSU in the Dallas Forth Worth metroplex, it was a pretty easy decision to come watch your favorite team, at an amazing facility. With gas prices high now a days you really must weigh out the cost and benefits of driving 400 miles to watch your nationally ranked tigers play. The cost might be a couple hundred bucks for a round trip down to Arlington, but the benefit might be a memory of a life time.   Luke H.

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