Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maybach-Aston Martin Alliance

Mercedes-Benz flagship brand, Maybach, has been struggling in today's economy due to their high prices of luxury cars exceeding $400,000. The two luxury models have not been revised since their introduction since 2002, and Daimler is looking for a new host to re-design and produce the car at Daimler's expense. Daimler wants to increase sales of Maybachs by increasing appeal rather than decreasing price. Aston Martin has been collaborating with Daimler to produce the Maybach 62 and 57 in exchange for Mercedes AMG engines and drive trains, along with money. Aston Martin was owned by Ford in 1994 through 2007, providing V8 and V12 engines and drive train designs and engineering to Aston Martin, but their deal will soon expire. Mercedes is known to make the greatest engines in the world, and Aston Martin wants to produce cars with these new engines. Aston Martin is also depending on Mercedes to provide engineering for Aston's new flagship line, Logonda, which is expected to launch within the next 5 years with an ultra-luxury SUV based of the Mercedes GL-Class SUV. As for the fate of Maybach, Daimler wants to hand over the manufacturing of Maybach to Aston Martin or shut down the company entirely. As of September 27, 2011, news reports that the proposed alliance is falling apart, indicating the possibility of death to Maybach as well as a delay to the Longonda brand. Maybach is looking forward to cutting down their production variable costs by letting Aston Martin, who is already has the means to produce Maybachs at high quality. Although the alliance isn't leaning towards the better, compromises may be made in the near future.

-Stephen Renard


Anonymous said...

Stephen, overall you’r post is very interesting and reveals a great deal about the cars of the elite. It was overall very understandable, but having a link would have helped someone like me who doesn’t know much about cars follow along better. It is interesting to learn that May-Bachs’ models haven't changed and that both them and Aston Martin are looking to Mercedes to improve their cars. This will hopefully increase consumer interest in the new and improved cars and result in increasing demand not only allowing these companies to stay in business, but gain value.

-Katherine T

Stephen Renard said...

I agree. Hopefully the alliance will fall into place. I added a link; click on collaborating in the article.