Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fakers in the Nfl?

Fakers in the NFL? Perry Fewell doesn't refute faking is remarkable to me. It seems as of people really don’t seem to care about integrity anymore. Speaking from knowing the game and living the game, I can somewhat understand why NFL player Perry Fewell did what he did. But speaking on it was unnecessary. I feel that if one chooses to do something to this degree that he or she should not let others know because this is how drama and thing start up. Yet at the same time, he wants his team to win. And in order to slow down the tempo of the opposing team Perry felt that he should fake an injury to slow down the clock of the game. Very controversial right, the cost and benefits of faking an injury on the professional level are very crucial. Essentially the cost of faking an injury is tearing down ones pride. While the benefit is that your team may walk away with an away with victory. In Perry Fewells case it seems as if he cares more about the benefit of faking an injury more so than the cost. Which I feel like is very common in the world today, people just think about the benefit more the cost.

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Alex W said...

Well I think that the benefit of the team is something he should worry about all is fair in war and football is war. He put his pride aside so that his team, organization, and city could see glory through the game. Even though faking an injury is very riskiy as far as harrasment for not being tough or pushing through it was a brave thing to do on his part.