Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big 12 Television Rights

The presidents of Big 12 pledged to grant there television rights to the league for the next six years. This choice will bring in larger revenue for some schools, but that larger revenue will come from the schools that were receiving higher revenue. The schools decided to split not only the revenue from its contract with Fox Sports like it has in the past but also now to include the revenue that is brought in from ABC, ESPN, and Fox that have been weighed more to the teams that played on these networks the most. This agreement plays a large part in keeping the Big 12 together. This is because if a school was to seek admission into another league it’s television revenue would continue to go to the Big 12, which leagues the teams are seeking would hopefully for the Big 12 not want them because the league wouldn’t make a profit from having the team in their league. This action of making the revenue stay in the league makes the schools think about the trade-offs of being able to leave league for better money options for their school because their tv rights are stuck with the Big 12. The Big 12 also says that they are going to re-activate its expansion committee in seek of expanding the league and also seeking more revenue. The conference stated that they other issue that they are going to discuss in the future such as equal revenue sharing.

Travis Skaife

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