Friday, September 23, 2011

Beneficial or Brainless? TCU's Bold Move to The Big East

TCU football recently made a bold move away from the Mountain West conference to join the much more prestigious Big East. All seemed well for the Horned Frogs, and they could finally be considered a legitimate contender and vie for a National Championship bid, until recently when the conference realignment continued. Many schools have now made big switches away from their long time conferences, like A&M and Nebraska from the Big 12. Although the move seemed great at the time, many schools have now decided to dash from the Big East to different conferences, once again weakening the competition and posing questions about an automatic bid. The Big 12, the conference that also denied TCU initially, holds the Horned Frogs fate in their hands. Many Big East schools such as Louisville, Cincinnati, and BYU, have shown interest in the Big 12 and with high competition schools leaving the conference, it’s not a sure thing that this move will benefit TCU in the long run. Before finalizing all aspects of the move, TCU needs to weigh their costs and benefits of moving conferences, and deciding which would be the best for their athletic programs. The ultimate goal of a National Championship bid may not become a reality, and in a more stable conference, although they may be the smallest school, they could eventually have a smoother ride to their ultimate goal.

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